What Is Included:

  • A table at the event. Avaliable an hour before start time for set up.

  • Logo on event page as a vendor.

  • 2 story mentions on @simplywholemoms instagram.

  • Opportunity to put item (coupon, flyer) in a swag bag.

  • Opportunity to sell to attendees. Last year, our first year, we had almost 100 attendees.

  • Business description in blog post follwing event, on www.simplywholemoms.com

  • Fee for all of this: $100

Want to Participate?

Feel like you might be interested? Welp we are pretty excited to have you! Due to the limited space of ten vendors we are taking applications. All you have to do is fill out the form below, and we will get back to you by June 19th.

Application Due by June 14th!

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