I get asked a lot what beauty products I use, and how they impact our health.  Primallly Pure makes me feel beautiful and healthy. 

Primally Pure uses nature's most precious elements to make non-toxic skincare products that support radiant skin, a healthy body + a happy self.

My Personal Experience

I personally love Primally Pure's beauty products. I use them in my daily beauty routine. I really just didn't know that there were beauty products like this out there.  The quality is unlike anything I have experienced up to this point. They just feel different in your hands, cleaner, and more pure. This is going to sound cheesy, but you know that feeling you get at that spa. These products leave me feeling that way, that is why I want to share them you.  

My Favorite Products

Let's talk the details:

  • The flower bath is one of my favorite self care things ever! Not only does it detox the body and help with body aches, but it smells incredible.

  • Natural deodorant is tough, and this is by far the best one that i have found on the market.

  • I have tried lots of dry shampoo, like lots! This is by far my favorite. Read my reviews of other dry shampoos here.

  • Their baby bundle of products is one of my favorite baby shower gifts.

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