Ep. 11 Aly and God's Miracles


Hearing Aly talk was such a good reminder that God shows up for us, even in the darkest of times one can imagine. Aly is a true miracle and example of faith in God when all else seems to be lost. Aly and her husband are on a mission to tell the world about the miracle God performed in their lives. Their story begins with high school sweethearts looking to start a family, only to discover a very aggressive form of breast cancer. This story is painful and beautiful, and if you need to be reminded how to take your own thoughts captive…this is for you (all of us).

“I am healed, and I am whole“

Listen Here:

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Show Notes:

Scriptures Referenced:

  • Psalms 128:3

  • Psalms 118:17

  • Nahum 1:9

Where you can find them:

  • @alysfight

  • Josh’s (her husband) Twitter: joshtaylorla

  • Aly’s Twitter: alyptaylor

  • If you want a copy of their book, reach out to them directly.

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