Having a child that is a picky eater can be so frustrating, madding even. On top of all that your little one isn’t getting all the nutrients they need, which makes it even more upsetting. This is my hub for all things picky eating and Simply Whole Nutrition.

I am not a behavioural or physical therapist. I do however have you covered when it comes to building a healthy relationship with food.  I believe there are four kinds of picky eaters:

  • Behavioral - they are using food as a means of control
  • Routine - they need more structure to be hungry at mealtimes
  • They can’t help it - issues that go furher than their relationship with food
  • Sensory - they are having trouble with taste, texture, and appearance of food.

Questions to Ask Yourself After Mealtime:

  1. Was there at least one familiar food offered during the meal?
  2. How full was your child’s sensory cup?
  3. Was eating something your child was prepared to do?
  4. Was your child able to interact with their food in a way they are comfortable?
  5. Did you child clearly know their responsibilities during the meal?
  6. Was I visibly stressed?
  7. Did we take time to slow down and eat mindfully?

Blog Articles

Food Allergies

Food allergies can truly effect the way a child feels after eating, and in turn affect what they chose to eat. Check out this article to see if this applies to you.  


If you child fails in the 4-10% of children that are extreme picky eaters this book is a god supporting resource.