Dear Builder of Little Humans,

These cards are made to get your kid involved in picking out, purchasing, cooking, and eating things that are good for them. I know you want that or you wouldn’t have purchased this game. A few pointers to capitalize on “I Can Eat This”:

  • Take these cards with you to the grocery store. They are designed to fit in your diaper bag. Have your kid draw one card. If you are feeling crazy, have them draw two.
  • Let them find the fruit or vegetable, pick it out, and bag it, as they are capable.
  • Let them wash the fruit or veggie. As much as you feel is safe, let them cook the recipe.
  • On most recipes there are steps in different color font. This can be used as a guide for what your child can be involved with. Use your judgment here.
  • Let your kid be as involved as possible. Why? Research shows they will be much more likely to eat it if they help.
  • Parchment paper is used in many of the recipes, but it is optional. I recommend lining your pans with it when indicated. It helps soak up the oils and liquids from the fruits and vegetables so they aren’t soggy. It also makes clean-up a breeze.
  • When you are finished cooking, sit down at the table and eat together. Why? This is the opportunity to influence them. Make a big deal out of how good the food tastes to you. Talk with them about their day. Slow down and enjoy.
  • Be creative! Use these cards however you think is best for your child and family. You really hold the “magic cards” when it comes to getting your child to eat vegetables. Use them.
  • Head over to my blog to get more tips and tricks.

Good times and good health,


Good luck to you, from my little family to yours!!

Good luck to you, from my little family to yours!!