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You can be on the Simply Whole Moms Podcast!

Hey there, Mama! We would love for you to answer a question for us! You’ve got 3 minutes (you don’t have to use it all!) to give us your answer to this question:

“What is something that feels simple for you in life right now?”
(or what is easy to keep simple - share those tips/tricks!)

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the green “Start recording” button.

  2. Share your name (only if you want to!) and what you’re keeping simple.

  3. Click Stop once you’re finished speaking.
    *If you want to start over, click Reset.

  4. Enter your name & e-mail address.

  5. Click Send.

  6. Click the red “X” in the upper left-hand corner of the pop-up screen to return to the home page for the next user.

    Thank you for sharing! We can’t wait to hear everyone’s responses!