I want to help all you busy moms out there get dinner on the table. These recipes all take less than 30 minutes to make, are simple, and my kid (and hubby) will eat them.  All the recipes are: gluten free, dairy free, and paleo. So, if you have allergies in your home I hope I can help simplify. Every post has kid friendly ways to serve!

I make these meals live every week on my Instagram stories @simplywholekara - the videos are then uploaded to the post. So, if you need a little bit more help figuring out how to cook it I have you covered!

Simple Healthy Dinner Recipes

What's In My Pantry:

These are the ingredients that I use regularly in my cooking. 

Quick and easy dinner recipes that I can make in thirty minutes. All recipes are gluten free and dairy free, mostly Paleo and some Whole30. Family friendly and dinners kids love. My place for quick, easy, healthy dinner recipes.