Say bye to your food rut, spoiled food, and unhealthy takeout!

What is Cook Smarts?

Only the easiest way to plan dinner for the week. Get recipes in your inbox, select which ones you want to make, add in your favorites - bam. A grocery list is generated for you.

Let them do all the thinking about how to make dinner new, fun, healthy, and easy. They even use the same ingredients to cut down on waste.

Each meal has a gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian diet option so you can choose how you want to eat on any given night.

Access videos with the recipes to learn to cook and cut produce. Read all kinds of resources about meal planning and prepping. You will never be confused!

All this for $8 a month.

My favorite recipes include: Saucy Southwestern Chicken Bowl, Pecan Crusted Chicken, and Korean Meatballs.

My Favorite Cook Smarts Resources

 Top Ten Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Guide to Frozen Food Storage

Tips to Overcome Picky Eating

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