Raising kids is hard.... like the hardest thing I have ever done. There is nothing in my life that I have wanted to right more than this. The crazy thing the longer I do it the more I know there is no right way.

We have lots of priorities for things when it comes to raising our kids.... we want them to know and love God, be kind to everyone, and be able to solve tough problems. One other high priority for - that they are healthy. I am not just talking healthy like I don't want sick kids occasionally (what mom does). I am talking like build to last healthy. 

That is where this blog was born. Where my passion for nutrition was taken to another level. You can read about my own personal health journey here

What I hope to help moms with:

  • What to feed their kids to get them a balanced diets for their age specific needs.

  • Simple, Simple solution that are actually achievable (not just pin-able). Changes that are simple but impactful.

  • Way to get kids involved in the kitchen and learning about foods.

  • Dinner recipes that you will like and your kids will actually eat!



I Can Eat This

This card game is a tool to help you get your child to try new fruits and vegetables

The game comes with:

  • 26 fruit and vegetable cards to explore and learn about with your child.

  • 26 recipes - each with 5 or fewer ingredients and steps

  • Allergy-friendly alternatives: gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and refined sugar free.

  • Kid-friendly recipes: dips, chips, fries, pizza, and even a boat!

  • Inspiration that is simple and actually achievable.


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