Tools to Teach Kids Healthy Eating

Teaching your kid about eating healthy can be a nightmare, especially if you have a picky eater on your hands. There aren’t a ton of good resources out there, but there are a few I would recommend to you!  

If you do have a picky eater on your hands head over to this article to determine why they are being a picky eater.  Once you know that you will better be able to determine what tools you need to get them to eat healthy.

This article is the mother load of all things “convince your kid to eat.”  I have looked high and low and read tons and tons of children’s books.  I am honestly disappointed with how few tools there are out there for you to use to teach your kid to eat healthy.  More to come on that.

Your kid might just surprise you with what a little push in the right direction might do.

Book: Eat the Alphabet!

Age: 2 - 8

This is a great book (available as a board book as well) that is illustrated beautifully. There are unique fruits and vegetables in this book that you can use as a tool to talk with your kid about trying.

Book: Dragons Love Tacos

I highly recommend a weekly taco night in your house. It is a very easy meal to cook, and you can hide all kinds of veggies in ground beef and shredded chicken. This book is all how about how much dragons love tacos, and it is a great read. Get it and make a fun night out of eating with your kid.

Book: Can I Eat That

This is book is all about things kids can eat. Doesn’t take a negative approach to trying new foods like most of the other kid’s books out there. It also has foods from other cultures. This might be a nice introduction to a Chinese night in your house.

Book: Green Eggs and Ham

You know this classic. There are plenty of children books out there about someone who wouldn’t try something, then they did and they liked it. However, my kid never sits long enough to hear how they liked it. Except for this book, listens to this whole book… thank you Dr. Seuss.

Toy: Fruit Cutting Set

Let your kid practice cutting fruits on Velcro fruit, so they can soon be ready to do it in the kitchen.

Toy: Under the Nile Plush Fruits and Vegetables

These are beautiful stuffed toys that are great for younger children…. start them young!

cooking with kids.jpg

Cooking Tools:

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen will increase your success rate of getting them to eat the food. If they help you make dinner they are much likely to eat it.

Eating Tools:

Meal time should be interactive and fun for kids. Try some of these items to make mealtime a fun learning experience.

Cooking and eating should be fun. It is another time to learn and teach your kid. Have fun with it!

Please comment with any other things you have found that has helped your children try and eat new healthy foods.