The Week of Green

Have fun with you toddler and teach them the color green using recipes, sensory activities, and healthy snacks.

I have a two and half year old... getting creative with him is sooo much fun, but something I never take the time to do. Every time I do... literally every time, except for the time that sensory box went totally wrong... I absolutely love it. As you now changing things up and keeping your toddler entertained is the literal key to happiness. These activities are designed for that tough phase of little, littles. 

We were really having trouble learning our colors. I wanted to teach him colors in the context of his everyday life, everything from food, to toys, to books. 

Introduce the color week... Green is what this post is all about. We basically spent a week learning and seeing the color green every where we could. It helped me come up with and try new snacks, crafts, and activities!  Pick out some of the below snacks and activities and just integrate them into your week. 

Hope it helps you create a fun week with your little one too! For awhile now the only color we do know is... you guessed it, green. 

Toddler Snack Ideas

  • Guacamole

  • Spinach muffins

  • Smoothie - add a handful of spinach to make it green

  • Apple Turtle - pictured above

  • Kiwi

  • Green Grapes

  • Celery boats - pictured above

  • Kale chips, my recipe here.

  • Spinach Toritillas

Sensory, Cooking Activity

This gluten free bread recipe involves some hands on kneading. We pretty much all had a blast with it!

Check out the hashtag #simplywholegreenweek on Instagram for all our fun snacks!

Toddler Activities

toddler activities.jpg

Entertaining a toddler can be PLENTY of work. Having a framework of things you would like to do in a week can be a huge help when you get a little desperate. Here are all the fun toddler crafts and activities we did throughout the week. 

  • Sensory bin - just gather up everything in your house that is green. Things like: ribbon, bows, toys, stickers, crayons, etc. I literally just walked around the house the night before we started learning the color green and grabbed any green I saw.

  • Shamrock Slime - I mean who doesn't love slime? This is a great one to reinforce the color while having a sensory experience.

  • Scavenger hunt - for everything in the backyard that is green. Just give them a bucket (a green one would be on pointe) and tell them to grab whatever they see that is green.

  • Pet turtle on a string - this activity goes great with the turtle bread. Not only did my toddler learn a new color, but also a new animal.

  • Take them to the grocery store and have them pick out one green thing to take home.

Favorite Book About the Color Green

By Laura Vaccaro Seeger

I can't say enough good things about this book! It is fabulous and totally perfect for the green week. There are all kinds of huge beautiful green images, with cutouts between each page that show the different shades of green on the next page. 

Have fun with your little! :) Comment below with any other fun ideas you might have!

Other Children Activities:

A whole week of activities to teach your toddler the color green. Including healthy food, recipes, sensory activities and crafts.