Thanksgiving Tablescapes


Keep it Simple

This time of year is so much fun and festive. It can also be overwhelming, particularly if you’re hosting the Thanksgiving meal. Pinterest and Google searches can be helpful, but at the end of the day, I think it’s best to keep the table decorations as simple as possible. I threw together two Thanksgiving tablescape options using materials I had around the house. Both options are kid friendly but also nice enough for the adults to enjoy, too.

Tablescape #1


This look was my original vision with the fall color florals, polka dot placemats as a “runner” and cutie little pumpkins as place card settings. I’d call this a more casual look, since I used our every day plates along with mason jars as drinking glasses. What’s with the markers and crayons? Well, I covered the table with brown kraft paper so that the adults and kids can spend some time writing or drawing for what they’re thankful. My girls love to doodle, so I thought this would be a good way to keep their attention during the meal and provide a good conversation starter for everyone at the table.


Tablescape #2


This look came together at the last minute, and I think I like it better than my first setting. It’s a tad more formal but still kid friendly and interactive. It’s almost identical to the first tablescape, but I pulled out our fancy china and crystal drinking glasses and replaced the flower centerpiece with leaves and a pumpkin. I also swapped out the place card settings with some festive wood ornaments.


Even though this look feels a bit more formal, the brown kraft paper tablecloth and ability to doodle on the table makes it a little bit more informal. I removed the runner from this version to make it more simple. If you’re worried about china and crystal for the kiddos, swap it out for your day-to-day plates and glasses. My oldest is five and loves to use fancy dishes with us. We just had to set some ground rules first about treating it all gently and with respect.

Supplies Checklist

My goal was to keep this simple and use supplies that I could find in my house. I did purchase several items because I had a specific color scheme in mind.

Items found at home:

  • brown kraft paper roll

  • rattan chargers

  • every day plates/mason jar glasses

  • formal china/crystal glasses

  • pumpkin/leaf wreath centerpiece

  • sharpies/crayons

  • utensils

items purchased:

  • flowers

  • black & white checkered napkins from The Little Market

  • place card labels from EasyTeesy

  • fake pumpkin & wooden ornaments used for place cards

One Table, Two Looks

The longest part of this whole set up was wrapping the table in the brown kraft paper. After that, it took maybe 5-7 minutes to set up each style from start to finish. I love how side-by-side they look like two completely different looks but mostly use the same supplies in each one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re hosting the family Thanksgiving meal, a Friendsgiving meal or making a turkey for you and your special someone, I hope you have a wonderful festive meal together. Cheers to fun tablescapes and spending time with those you love gathered around the table.