Surviving Pregnancy

Being pregnant isn’t easy… I mean you are building a human. Honestly, I would have tried anything to feel better. There were a few things that made pregnancy much easier for me so I thought I would pass them along.

Eat Whole Foods - I know I say this all the time. Giving you body what it needs, as far as nutrients, during this time is essential.  If your body has everything it needs in its’ energy stores you more likely to feel better, think more clearly, and have energy.

Walk Till You Drop   - I walked all the time during pregnancy and not only did it help me not gain weight it also made me feel better. My little boy was constantly moving around and walking put him to sleep which provided relief later in pregnancy. It also encourages blood flow and helps relieve sore muscles.

Get a Heating Pad – I lived with this on my lower back in the end of pregnancy. It really helped with the aches at the end of a long day, and helped me sleep better.

See a Chiropractor – my midwife advised me to do this after I started experiencing sciatica. It really relieved the aches and pains. I went once a week for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Some research even says this shortens labor… and mine was only four hours!

Sleep All Day – it helped me to just sleep when I could. Like I said you are building a human so let your body recover. If you are having trouble sleeping, baby center has a great article to help, click here.

Hit the Gym – being in shape helps prepare you for childbirth, but also can make pregnancy just a little easier. My second pregnancy I just chased a toddler around most days and this did the trick too.  Working out will provide you with more energy and will help you sleep better at night. I was able to work out up until about 36 weeks and I always felt better after I did.

Eat Regularly - It is important not to let you blood sugar drop down to low. Eating regularly will really help with this and morning sickness. See my blog article on morning sickness here.

What helped you cope with pregnancy?