Supporting Your Body

You only get one body, and it needs nutrients, vitamins, minerals, sleep, laughter and sunshine.  Your health is one of your most valuable commodities - be proactive and take care of it.

So we have already determined that your body needs simply whole foods. What else does it need - exercise? Sleep? There are so many things that you are “suppose to do”... exhausting! It doesn’t have to be, here is my basic advice on what your body needs.

Pay Attention to Yourself.

You are the only you, there has ever been. What you need is unlike what anyone else needs. Think about this, think about yourself. What do you need to be happy, healthy, energized. Then fight for it. You have to speak up for yourself, you owe that to YOU.  

I challenge you to write down 5 things your body needs. Pick one and let's get started.

Get Outside, Get Active.

Everybody needs sunshine to get good old fashion Vitamin D.  All you have to do to get this vitamin is step outside… so cool right? So get outside and be active. This doesn’t mean I am saying you have to have a set time to work out - though that is great. Just take your kids for a bike ride on the weekend.

Finding time to workout is tough - and finding the time to shower afterwards can be even more difficult. However i am a firm believer you make time for your priorities. Give up TV for a week and see what magic you can make happen. Barter with your spouse - I get an hour you get an hour.  Start small maybe two workouts a week, or an evening walk with the kids before bed. Set reasonable goals and then chase them.


Due to the debauchery in this world even our most whole foods don’t have the nutrients they use to. Queue supplements.  Like I said before - you are the only you there has ever been and the supplements you might need are different than the next guy. Don’t just spend money on supplements, consult with someone (I am happy to help) and be sure you are spending your money on the right ones.  Supplements can be very powerful in your healing process.

If you haven’t started eating whole foods, start there.

Sleep. zzzzz.

You have to sleep. Your body needs  to recover and detoxify itself, and it can really only do this during sleep. Due to the chronic stress and toxins we are exposed to in ours lives this is more important than ever. Stop looking at your cell phone and TV and get in bed.

Try this 14 day sleep challenge and just see how it makes you feel. Come on it is only 14 days you can do that!