Spring & Summer Swimsuit Roundup


It’s almost swimsuit season!

Why, yes, that is me wearing a swim skirt last summer. I’ve about had it up to my eyeballs with swimsuits over the past few years. Maternity suits, post-maternity suits, turning 30…..my body has been going through quite a bit since having kids, and let’s just be honest, I don’t like swimsuits. They are hot. They don’t fit quite right. They can ride up or sag at any given time. Swimsuits are typically unpredictable, which isn’t helpful when you’re chasing kids on the beach or throwing toddlers in the air in the pool.

I made it a mission of mine last spring to order at least two new swimsuits to try. I was still trying to get wear out of my maternity suits. I hated wearing the two I had, so off to the interwebs I went to research and order some suits. I ended up purchasing from three different companies. I couldn’t make up my mind and also couldn’t handle wearing the other suits again. This is a list of my current favorite swimwear brands.. I haven’t ordered from all of them - yet, but I’ll let you know what I think about them down below.

Swimsuit Preferences

I threw some questions out on Instagram the other day and found the responses super interesting (see below). I’ve been captain of “team one piece” for a couple of years. I felt like they fit me better and kept things in place a bit more. But then I found high-waisted swim bottoms, and my whole opinion changed. High-waisted bottoms give the illusion of a one piece swimsuit when paired with the right swim top. We all know a two-piece is much easier for bathroom breaks, am I right?

I have two swimsuits right now that I rotate between. One suit has two tops and the other is a one-piece. As I mentioned earlier, my body has been through a lot in the past few years, and even these suits aren’t fitting quite right. I’ve been browsing my favorite swim shops online to see if anything catches my eye for this season.

I’m looking for something to fit a longer torso, hold in the…”girls” up top and cover my booty. Please keep your cheeks in your suit. Now I really sound like a mom. Let’s talk swimsuits!

My Top Swimsuit Picks

Jessica Rey swim

Jessica Rey

Jessica Rey was the white Power Ranger - what?! I’m not kidding. Now, she designs and produces some of my most favorite swimsuits on the market. Not only are these swimsuits made from 100% regenerated materials (ex: fish nets), the fabrics are cut and sewn in LA in fair working conditions. They also offer full coverage - keeping those cheeks in check - and a UPF of 50+. ((UPF means Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is how sun protective fabrics are measured.))

I’m wearing the black swimsuit in the far left photo, and I cannot even tell you how much I love this swimsuit. It’s the “Grace” silhouette in Ebony, and it was worth every single penny. The straps are adjustable in the back, which is my favorite part of the swimsuit design. It also feels almost like Spanx, which I don’t mind at all. It’s tight where it needs to be and has a beautiful neckline. The “Grace” silhouette is available is many different colors and patterns.

Left to right: Grace in Ebony, Katharine in Amalfi, Grace in Bossanova

Jessica Rey’s website also provides a quiz to help you find the right swimsuit for your body. After you answer a few questions, they’ll let you know which styles work best for your frame, which is a handy tool for online ordering.

Kortni Jeane swim

Kortni Jeane

Kortni Jeane is the “mix n’match” queen of swimsuits. She has created a beautiful collection of tops and bottoms in fun patterns with a goal in mind in providing a custom swimsuit with the click of a button.

I learned the hard way, that once a KJ pattern is gone…it’s gone! Right now, they’ve got solids, stripes and fruity patterns listed on their website. They have a good variety of top styles with information about which tops work for which type of bust.

Kortni Jeane has also provided a sizing guide and a video to help customers order the best size for their body. She also offers kiddo suits, which I’ll save for another blog post.

Left to right: Swing Top in Olive, Up-Front Bottoms in Gray Stripe, Fabric Patterns, V-Neck Top in Golden, Skirted One-Piece in Gray Stripe

I’m wearing the same Kortni Jeane high rise swim skirt in both photos below but with two different KJ tops: the Racer Back and the Ruffled Around. Both of these were great options - the Ruffled Around was a tad difficult when you needed to pick up the kiddos but not impossible. Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of these suits - though, I should have ordered more than one size for trying on at home. The tops were a little big, but I wanted to wear them once I got them in the mail.

This year, I may go for the V-Neck top with the extended high rise bottoms in a fun pattern. I love this company and all of their fun prints.

women's swimwear

Raising Wild

I love a good Shark Tank contestant, and Raising Wild does not disappoint. These two sisters know how to design swimsuits . They offer pieces that look amazing but are also fashionable. They offer options with more full coverage and other choices with peek-a-boo cut outs.

I have not yet ordered a Raising Wild suit, and I not exactly sure if it would be in my budget this year. I do really love the “Hannah” in Topaz (middle two photos below) that they are offering this season. They offer a bra top and a short-sleeved rashguard top - both are simple and beautiful.

I love that part of their mission is to make mamas feel comfortable in their swimsuits so they can get up and play with their kiddos on the beach, at the pool, you name it.

Left to right: Vanessa in Melon, Hannah Rash in Topaz, Hannah Bra in Topaz, Joey in Topaz

Albion swim


I was so excited when I stumbled upon Albion last year. I think I was following one of the Duck Dynasty people on Instagram (loved that show), and she posted a 15% off code for Albion’s website. Albion offers women’s athletic clothing and swimsuits, and I’ve just learned they have options for kids and men, too!

They are based out of Utah and created by a family who wants to accomplish this with their clothing: “reflect the power of natural femininity in our designs, as well as our lifestyle.” They create beautiful pieces with amazing patterns. I love the way they mix stripes and florals, and the cut of their swimsuits is so unique.

Left to right: Hang Ten Game Change Crop in Black & White, High Waisted Bottoms in Matte Black, Bombshell in Lulu, Siren in Black & White

I ordered an Albion suit two years ago (navy and white), and I loved it at first, but I went through more body changes (thanks, steroids) and felt like the fit was off. I’d love to try something new there this year.



Here’s another Shark Tank favorite! I found SwimZip several years ago before seeing them on Shark Tank. They make UPF 50+ swimwear for the entire family to help keep your skin safe in the sun. Betsy Johnson, SwimZip’s founder, was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 years old. After this diagnosis, she was determined to help people be safer in the sun.

My first orders were a couple of years ago for my girls. We had to cutest SwimZip suits for them, and I loved that they zipped up the front - easy on and easy off. They were able to wear them for two years, and we’ve just now grown out of them.

SwimZip also carries swim gear for mom and dad. I love their selection of high-waisted bottoms and racer back top. They also offer adult rash guards to protect your skin when you’re hanging out at the beach or pool all day.

Left to right: Long-sleeved Rashguard in Black, Halter Bikini in Pink, High Waist Bottoms in Peach

department store


This may seem random to some, but I love me some Dillard’s. I grew up shopping this department store with my mom, and I love to dig through the different levels and racks even now. It takes some time and energy to hit up a department store, particularly with kiddos, but it’s worth it to me.

I wouldn’t necessarily make this my first choice of where to buy swimsuits, but if you have a mall with a Dillard’s and don’t want to spend time ordering online - this is a good choice. They have so many choices in their swimsuit section, both online and in-store.

Look for end-of-season sales also - they’ve been known to offer some great discounts, and you can stock up for next season.

Left to right: GIanni Bini Olive Halter, GIanni Bini V-Neck

Overwhelmed with Swimsuit Choices?

I definitely felt overwhelmed when I realized my Target swimsuit wasn’t cutting it for me in fit or quality. The other piece to all of this swimsuit talk is that it’s cheaper to run to Target and grab a few suits off the rack, but most of these swimsuits suggested here cost more and require an online order.

I’ve shifted my view of swimwear purchasing over the past few years because I want to make sure I’ve got quality pieces that can last awhile as well as make me feel comfortable when I’m trying to mom by the pool. No one wants to worry about their bottoms sagging or their top not fitting right when keeping their kiddos safe around water.

I would pick one store to start with and go from there! I tried too many at once to try last year and ended up sending some back because I couldn’t make choices. Start slow and give yourself time to order and try on before the season starts. Happy shopping!

swimsuit roundup