Simple Easter Basket for Kids

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Easter Expectations

easter bunny

Any other mamas out there who go overboard for certain holidays? I tend to set myself up for failure, particularly around Easter. I have visions of the perfect matching Easter outfits for my girls, cute photos in the wildflowers and one time, I even tried to make them wear bunny ears and tails in swimsuits at the beach - see photo for hilarious evidence.

Life with small people can be unpredictable, and I’m learning each day that we are all going to have to be flexible. Which means, Mama may have to give up her visions of perfect pictures and enjoy the candid shots.

Simple Kids’ Easter Basket

So, what does all of this have to do with an Easter basket? Well, it’s another area in which I’ve tried too hard in the past to create the best possible basket ever. Searching for goodies is very fun for me, but I often get overwhelmed by making it just right. The girls look through them so quickly and then just want to hunt eggs around the house. This year, I’m working to keep our Easter basket and celebration simple. ((Can someone remind me of this before Christmas, too?))

easter basket

The Easter Basket

Choosing an Easter basket was weirdly stressful for me. Should it be monogrammed? Do I want to spend that much money for a basket?

Several years ago, I came across a gold and white woven basket at Target and knew it was perfect for my oldest daughter - either our youngest was a baby or she wasn’t here yet because I only bought one. The next Easter rolled around, and now Eliza had joined the family, and I realized they wouldn’t have matching baskets. I scoured the internet for new ones wee into the hours of the early morning. Then one day, I was walking through Target and saw they made the same gold and white woven basket from the previous year!

I feel silly that I spent so much time thinking about these Easter baskets. I’ve even seen some cute ones since then and wondered if we need to switch it up. Bottom line: they’re BASKETS. You could fill a brown paper bag with fun things, and it would still be entertaining to a kiddo.

My suggestion for the basket is to pick something that will last a good few years, so you don’t have to scramble for an Easter basket every year.

Inside the Easter Basket

The goal for this year’s Easter basket was less candy and more items we can use that won’t cause clutter. I’m approaching it in a similar way to how we did stockings at Christmas last year - keep it simple and usable. Here’s what I’ve put together for the girls this year:

  • EasyTeesy Monogrammed Eggs

    These cutie plastic eggs will be a part of the girls’ Easter baskets but also part of our egg hunt in the morning. I included some candy in two of these and will put change for their piggy bank in the remaining eggs for the hunt. They’re going to love seeing and hunting for their name on an egg. We’ll save these eggs and use them over the next few years, too.

beach towel
  • Beach Towel

    Some things you just make allowances for because your kids have an undying love for it….ours is LOL Surprise Dolls. These are plastic dolls with tiny shoes and accessories that have taken over our playroom. The bright side of all these LOL dolls is that the girls love to play with them - it’s when they do their best playing together.

    I found $10 LOL Surprise beach towels at Target, and I know they’ll love them! We can always use a new beach towel, and $10 was in my budget.


These confetti eggs are my new favorite tradition. They’re fun, colorful and available pretty much everywhere in San Antonio during Easter (and Fiesta!) time. I found some at HEB, but they’re also available at Target.

I did a little digging and found out these celebratory eggs go back quite a long time ago. They were previously filled with perfume and enjoyed by wealthy women. They were brought to Mexico in the 1800s, where they changed the perfume to confetti. They’re a sign of celebration and admiration in the spring in our city.

Side note: Eliza was terrified of these two Easters ago. She cried every time someone cracked a cascarone on anyone’s head. Let’s hope she’s over that this year!


These two fun Easter basket additions came from the checkout line at Whole Foods. They are both Melissa and Doug brand toys. The bunnies are teeny and so cute. These are the most “junky” thing I put in the basket - they can’t be “used up” and disposed of, but goodness they are cute. I love the butterfly topper on these bubbles. They look like spring to me!

dollar spot
  • Target “Dollar Spot” Finds

I wasn’t planning on all of these, but they were really cute and $1-$2 each. We’ve had this little potted plants before, but I think they were too young. The girls seem much more interested in flowers, gardening and plants this year.

How cute is that googly-eye notebook? My girls love a good blank piece of paper to make lists, draw people or just scribble their hearts out. They’ll think this little crazy-eyed bunny is hilarious.

dollar spot

Silly string is a hit at our house. It’s messy, but sometimes it’s just fun to chase each other in the backyard with silly string! Our sweet babysitter got the girls some awhile back, and they had a blast with it. I also grabbed some of the spring themed window clings. We have lots of windows in our house, so these are fun to use on all of our different windows and doors.

bunny ears

Bunny ears are fun to add to our dress up bin, and these girls love to dress up. I found some stashed away from last year, and my mom bought these cute ones from Target this year. I also found little bunny baseball hats with tails on the back - who doesn’t need that?

Themed socks are always a good gift for my girls. They’re going to love these little hip hop bunny socks. We got some of these from the dollar spot around Christmas, and they loved them then, too.


We already have a set of these super fun cards that Kara created. You get one card for every letter of the alphabet with an ingredient and photo on one side and a simple recipe on the other side. We love these cards, and they make a fun (and educational!) part of any Easter basket.

easter basket

The Final Product: Simple Kids’ Easter Basket

Keeping the contents simple means assembly is also simple. I just piled some of the shredded grass at the bottom of the basket for some height. You can find the grass at most stores around Easter. I generally start with the tallest items first (beach towel, bubbles) and then move on from there. I wanted their monogrammed eggs up front so they can easily identify their basket.

Now my biggest challenge is finding a spot to hide these baskets! These girls are getting sneaky, and they know I’ve got some surprises up my sleeve. Where do you hide your holiday goodies in your home? Happy Easter basket making, friends!

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