Fourth of July Weekend Menu

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Menu Plan

3 Days and 2 Nights

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of cooking for your family on your weekend away for Fourth of July? So overwhelmed that you have decided to just throw eating healthy out the door?  Wait, let me help! You can do it, and actually enjoy your time away. This is my tips on not compromising what you eat, but also enjoying yourself. Welcome into my vacation kitchen, this is exactly what I made for my family last year. 

Recipes: Paleo, gluten free, dairy free options, easy, and kid friendly.

General Tips:

  • Cook a batch of cookies and a loaf of bread ahead of time. That way you get to have some of the things you love without all the work at the lake. 
  • When you do cook meat make enough for the next day to have for lunch. That way lunch isn't just a sandwich with little nutrient value, and it will hold everyone over till dinner without crazy snacking. 
  • Enlist help! That is why all of the dinners are done on the grill. Gets your husband and maybe a kid or two out of the kitchen (and even the house) while you wrap things up for dinner up. 
  • The first night you are there plan something SUPER easy, you will be tired. Maybe a frozen pizza and a bagged salad or do the hamburger night. 

Make Ahead/Bring With You:



  • Pancakes, bacon and fruit - make a bunch of bacon and put some aside for the BLTs for lunch.
  • Eggs, sausage, toast - make this last morning you are there and use all the bread and eggs you have left. 


  • BLTs, chips and fruit - use the bacon and fruit left over from breakfast. Recommended mayo and chips are listed below. 
  • Tacos, chips and guac - you will have to make this for lunch the day after you have tacos. It will even keep till two lunches later if that fits your schedule. 


  • Carne Asada tacos with sautéed veggies - this is the star of the weekend. I make it the last night to really celebrate.  Put the meat in the marinade as soon as you get settled, the longer it sits the better. For vegetables I sauté some bell peppers and onions. We do our tacos on lettuce wraps, but feel free to use whatever works for your diet. 
  • Burgers with zucchini fries - Use the blender bread or lettuce here for the buns. You can serve up any leftover sautéed veggies you might have from the taco night, grilled onions go great on a burger. 


  • Carrots, celery and hummus
  • Almond butter and rice cakes
  • Baby food pouches - this a great way to snack on the beach but also get some vegetables into your kids
  • Frozen grapes
  • Deviled eggs

Products You Might Want:

Idea: Ship these to were you are staying! The main office should hold them, or time them for the day you arrive!

What have you done for your weekends away with family? Any tips?