How To: Think About Alcohol

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Is Alcohol Okay To Drink?

I get this get this question all the time. I wish the answer was just a hard yes, but it just isn’t. Yes of course alcohol is okay to drink, but it in no way is good for your health.

Immediately the person who is attached to their alcohol will say, but there have been studies linking it to lower heart disease. You are right, there has. Many of the reports analyzing this study point out that alcohol does help people relax, and in turn lowers their stress level. Could this be connected?

Bottom line is alcohol is both a processed food and a toxin. It has so many negative effects on your body, liver, sleep and digestion. I now you know this, because I know you know that you don’t sleep as well the nights you drink and that your tummy hurts sometimes after you drink.

You have also probably seen the effects alcohol has on your weight loss. This is one of the ways your liver comes into play with alcohol. Your body is going to have a hard time eliminating fat when it is working to eliminating toxins.

One more point to add insult to injury. Alcohol is full of sugar. We have talked pretty extensively on the blog about sugars impacts you hormones, brain, weight, and overall health. If you have heard anything about the Keto diet (wink, wink) you know that low sugar diets can lead to quite a bit of weight loss.

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Do You Drink?

I get this question almost as much as, “is alcohol okay to drink”. I think it is funny, because I always know when someone is comfortable with me, and themselves, when they ask this question.  The answer is yes. I have eliminated tons of things from my diet, like a ton. Alcohol is still in the mix. I enjoy it more than eggs, milk, or even coffee.

I have changed a few things over the years on this journey to get healthy. I have limited my intake of alcohol a ton. I use to drink pretty regularly during the week with my husband. We loved having a glass of wine on the back patio. We have stopped that, not the back patio talks but the wine with it. I don’t really miss the wine honestly.

I see alcohol as an indulgence or a treat now. Not something I am entitled to because I had a stressful day. This is a healthy sift for more than one reason. Needing something to unwind is just something I don’t want to be dependent on. Don’t get me wrong there are days when a crave a glass of wine because of how stressful my day was. I don’t chose to live there anymore.

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Avoid Negative Side Effects of Alcohol

There are plenty of negative effects of alcohol, but I do have a few tricks I use to make sure their impacts are minimal.

First, I choose alcohol that is somewhat cleaner or less processed.

  • I don’t do beer at all. Since beer is made from wheat, which I am sensitive to, I don’t drink it.

  • I do wine occasionally, but I generally stick to low sugar, low sulfate and organic wines. I typically don’t feel great after drinking wine.  I love how I feel after I drink Fit Vines.

  • I try to stick to only clear liquors. Additionally, if possible I like to get potato vodka instead of vodka made from wheat. I like this brand. As a general rule 100% agave tequila usually does well with my body.

  • I don’t order sugary drinks. I get a skinny margarita or something sweetened primarily with fruit juice.

Alcohol is a diuretic. That is why you wake up with a headache, you are dehydrated. I drink a ton of water while drinking and before I go to bed. You really can’t drink too much water.

If I have a little too much alcohol one night, or get stuck drinking something that wasn't on the list above I will take an activated charcoal before I go to bed. This is a great thing to have in your natural medicine cabinet. Check out this article.

I never ever drink on an empty stomach. Never. I use to do this, but man this in no way is good for your blood sugar. In fact, I generally take this a step further and try to be sure I have a lot of protein on the nights I am drinking. This is generally pretty easy because I mostly only drink when I am out these days.

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Bottom LIne on Health and Alcohol

It is important to evaluate your relationship with anything you put into your body. This is just a healthy practice. I would challenge you to think about why you drink and how it makes you feel. It might just change how you enjoy your alcohol. It really has for me.

This is a great article breaking down one of the most popular alcohol studies:

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