How To: Little Girls' Spa Party

Happy Birthday Spa Party

If you’ve seen our Instagram stories over @simplywholemoms during the month of September, you probably aren’t shocked that birthdays bring me great joy. My kids’ birthdays take that joy to a whole different level. Both of my girls have September birthdays - we didn’t plan that, it just happened - 2 years and 13 days apart. Basically, September is birthday month around here with other family members (grandparents, great-grandparents) ringing in a new year in September, too.

This year, my oldest daughter turned FIVE. Five sounds way too big to me. Check back with me in ten years, and I’m sure my tune will have changed. For now, five is big kid status and a big year to celebrate. She has a sweet friend we’ve known since they were eight months old rolling around on a blanket while the mamas ate real lunches without sharing with tiny people and discussed how hard one baby was. (cue laughter) I digress. This sweet friend has a birthday just five days after my daughter, so we thought it would be a blast to celebrate together!

Let’s Go to the Spa…at home!

This mama friend (heyyy, Kim!) and I know our girls love to be pampered and feel fancy - thank you very much Fancy Nancy. What better way celebrate five year olds than some fun snacks, painted nails and fairy dust makeup? We contemplated several locations and party options, but after weighing our options and prices, we decided to DIY this spa at home. It was a joint effort, and we’re so glad we did it this way. It allowed us to cut costs of paying for location, use some of what we had and spend money on a fun party keepsake for our guests.

Logistics of a DIY Spa Party

This was one of the easiest parties I’ve ever planned, and I’m sending a big virtual high-five to Kim for breaking down our tasks and keeping us organized.

We kept our party list small to include our Community Group (a group of families doing life together) girls between the ages of 4-7. My youngest daughter (just now 3) barely snuck in because she got little sister privileges. This group was small enough to do manicures and pedicures on, and we knew they’d sit still long enough for polish to dry.

Extra help was recruited in the form of grandparents and a very helpful babysitter who happens to have great french braiding skills. Learning to braid was on my summer bucket list, and I still haven’t mastered it. Whoopsies. We needed a few extra sets of helping hands to man our different spa stations.

We kept food simple and light, so it would be easy to snack on in between stations and wasn’t something super messy.

This was an exciting element - we had the mamas and dads drop off their kiddos! This was a first for us, and it was so much fun! Since we had extra hands helping out, and a short enough time frame of an hour and a half, it made sense to have the party guests dropped off so parents didn’t have to stand around and watch the spa in action.

DIY Spa Stations


Let me start this with a dose of honesty. I intended to be a “good blogger” and take great photos of all of the details throughout the party. Well, it didn’t really happen that way. I was having so much fun at my station and celebrating with the girls, that I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I wanted. I have no regrets!

We offered the following stations in a rotation. The wait time was minimal, and if someone didn’t want to participate in a particular station, they could grab a snack while they waited.

  • Pedicures with mini bath bomb foot soak

  • Manicures with lotion hand massage

  • French braid with glitter

  • Fairy dust makeup with lipgloss

Welcome to our Spa!

We greeted our guests with a personalized pink robe when they arrived. They put on their robes and headed to their first station which varied depending upon what was open at the time.

Sew Embellished , a local monogramming and gift business, helped us find the perfect robe and monogram for the occasion.

Fingers and Toes

For manicures and pedicures, we shared nail polish selections. We chose to go with a quick drying option, since we were limited to a short amount of time for the girls to move through the stations. We also only gave the girls several color choices so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed when making a decision.

I usually paint the girls’ nails with Piggy Paint or SOPHi polishes. These polishes are almost odorless and free from formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), and ethyl acetate. Essentially, they’re as non-toxic as nail polish can get. These polishes have a multiple step process for maximum durability, so instead of using these we chose to go with the quickest one-coat, instant drying option for party purposes.

Braids and Glitter

The girls were offered one hairstyle - again, minimal choices for minimal opportunities for chaos. Our sweet babysitter used a spray bottle of water and a Wet Brush to put a single french braid in each party guest’s hair.

I picked up some hair glitter from a local kids’ salon so they could have sparkly braids. We made sure to have them cover their eyes to avoid a glitter catastrophe.

Fairy dust and Lipgloss

This was my station, and one of my favorites because I personally love makeup. We did a similar makeup scenario for my girls’ first ballet recitals last spring and called the cheek highlight, fairy dust. They now love fairy dust!

I used my stash of Root Pretty goodies to create a sweet, simple palette for the birthday celebration.

  • Eyelids - Champagne Cake Pressed Eyeshadow

  • Blush - Sunniest Blushing Bronze

  • Fairy Dust/Highlight - White Gold Illuminator

  • Lips - Emma Pretty Gloss

I snagged some disposable applicators at Ulta to make sure we weren’t spreading germs via fairy dust. The rounded side worked great for eyes, cheeks and highlight, while I used the pointy side (super technical sounding) for the lip gloss application.

Kim also found precious unicorn and rainbow tattoos that we used at the makeup station. They loved those!

Spa Snacks

We kept the food super easy to eat and manage while relaxing and being pampered. We had small tea sandwiches, cups of popcorn, fruit wands, hot pink smoothies and pink lemonade. We offered each party guest a drink when they first arrived, so they could sip during their station.

The serving portions were small and manageable so they didn’t have to worry about holding a huge cup full of smoothie or balancing a big plate while they got a pedicure. Some girls made a plate to sit and eat after they rotated through all of the stations.

Our cupcakes were simple, too! We ordered pink cupcakes with sprinkles and jazzed them up with toppers from my favorite local store, Feliz Modern. The unicorns were a hit with this age group!

Spa Photo Backdrop


Once everyone was pampered, we took individual photos of each guest to send to their mamas, and of course we took some group photos in those matching pink robes.

This backdrop was so easy to put together. It was a layer of tablecloth found at Wal-Mart, topped with a doorway fringe found at Party City. The garland was also a Wal-Mart find, and Kim put together a super cute balloon bouquet featuring a huge gold five.

The girls loved how sparkly it was. It was a big bang for our buck.

DIY Spa DAY for the win


We heard both birthday girls mention several times how they were having “the best day ever”! It was a blast for us to plan and a blast to watch the girls have so much fun. I highly recommend this as a way to celebrate little girls in the age range of 4-7.

Choosing to DIY and host at one of our homes allowed us to customize food and stations and also save a few pennies to put toward the cute robes. Happy party planning, mamas!

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