How To: Hostess Gift

wine gift

‘Tis The Season

Sparkly dresses, festive drinks and lots of treats. It’s that time of year again - time for holiday parties. Don’t be fooled, we’ve been to approximately one party this year and have nothing else on the calendar. I’m not complaining about a quiet Christmas, I just don’t want to come across as a party-going expert…I for sure am not one of those.

My mom always told me to never show up to a party empty-handed. I didn’t really grasp the concept until I got a bit older, and now, I love the idea! I love giving gifts in general, so this is another opportunity to make someone feel special. My favorite parts are: 1) keeping it simple and 2) using what you have!

Let’s walk through how to keep it simple and use what you have. Then, I’ll show you some examples of hostess gifts I’ve thrown together recently for holiday functions.


Keeping It simple

Life as a mom of two young kiddos - scratch that, ANY age kiddo - means that sometimes life is complicated and chaotic despite our best efforts. Or at least that’s how it is at my house. To keep myself sane, I want to keep extra efforts (anything that’s not keeping my family fed, clothed and alive) as simple as possible.

If we’re heading to a dinner party - that sounds so fancy, we don’t go to many of those - but if we do, we’re usually running out the door trying not to be late. I have no choice but to keep it simple: a bottle of wine from your personal stash or grab a small succulent at the grocery store on the way to the party. One of my favorite simple options is to grab one or two mini bottles of champagne at the grocery store. They’re usually pretty enough to not need any wrapping, and they’re budget friendly, too!

Use what you have

I have this closet in our house that never stays clean. This closet houses wrapping paper, random crafty items and my stash of gifts to give. When I find something I love giving, I tend to stock up on it so it’s readily available when I need it. Realistically, I don’t have always have a TON of stuff, but I try to think ahead of upcoming opportunities for gifts, so I don’t have to run to the store every few weeks.

hostess gift

One of my favorite items to have handy are Hearth & Hand flour sack kitchen towels. A friend gifted me one of these last Christmas, and I LOVE it! It’s the perfect, large kitchen towel that actually dries dishes and it’s $3.99. Wrap a piece of twine around it, stick a sprig of garland in it and you’ve got a great gift.

Some examples of other things in my closet stash, include: pretty greeting cards, mason jar tumblers with lids (good for teacher gifts), extra Thieves hand soap, notepads and stationary. We also don’t drink anymore (our bodies don’t like it - sad day), so we get to dip into our old wine stash when it’s time to head to a party. My goal is to not break the bank, and if I’ve got something I can use, even better!

Housewarming/Hostess Gift

This gift basket I made was a combination housewarming and hostess gift, so I wanted to go a little bit more over the top. Kara gave me a budget, told me when she needed it and I got to work.

feliz modern

My first step was to see what I had on hand first, then run errands in one day to grab the other goodies. I was able to get everything I needed and put the basket together one day while my girls were at school. I hit up my favorite local shop, Feliz Modern, first because they have the most fun of everything.

Here’s the rundown of what went into the basket:

At the time, I didn’t know the family had any kiddos or I would have thrown in something fun for the kids, too! I would have grabbed a coloring book and some glitter crayons, or the Target dollar section always has fun activity packs.

gift basket

Ta-da! Here’s the finished product. I left the card out, so Kara could sign it herself. I grabbed a plastic gift wrap bag from a local craft store to keep everything in place. It came together just how I envisioned. This is more elaborate than your dinner party hostess gift, but since it was a combination purpose, we decided to go for it on this one.

Holiday Party Hostess Gift

I’ve recently put together two holiday party hostess gifts that took just a few minutes to make look extra special.

wine gift

Gift #1: bottle of wine (from our stash) and a cute kitchen towel

This was for some close friends of ours (you know those friends that are more like family?) that host an annual Christmas party. We grabbed some wine from our kitchen and a towel from my closet stash and wrapped up a cute little “Merry Christmas” and thank you gift.


Gift #2: mini champagne bottles, local handmade caramels and festive cups

This was so fun to put together! An extended family member hosted Thanksgiving this year, so I wanted to make it a little extra special, since they told me just to bring ourselves. I grabbed two mini bottles of bubbly, some festive cups from a friend and my favorite caramels from Wildflower Caramel Co. It turned out so simple and sweet!

Keep it simple & Use what you have

Happy gifting this year! Just remember to keep it simple - don’t stress yourself out over this at all. The goal is to show appreciation for someone opening their home - not to wow them with your craftiness. Let me know your favorite hostess gifts to give!