Favorite Things: May

This bunny is the perfect size for my sixth month old. She loves it because she can actually hold on to it. It is super soft. The ears are almost like little blankets. My kids have not been a huge fan of stuffed animals, but this one is a winner!

If you cook a lot a salt shaker won't do it. This salt pig is absolutely one of my favorite, and most used kitchen items. It makes it super easy for me to see how much salt I am putting into my dishes. Try this fun simple way to change things up in the kitchen. 

If you follow me on social media you know muffins are a HUGE part of my toddler's life. We are constantly making them. These baking cups are my favorite. They get the outside edges of my muffins nice and crispy, and absorb up all the extra liquid that is in the muffins. I know it seems silly, but these really are the best!

This pizza cutter is another thing we use a lot in my kitchen. We don't eat a ton of pizza, but I use it to cut all kinds of things, like: lettuce, quesadillas, asparagus, and even cut crust off bread. 

Texas Olive Ranch

Good, pure olive oil is hard to find. This stuff is the real deal and so yummy. I have talked with the owner, and trust that it is a hundred percent olive oil. 

Skin Foodie - Facial Cleansing Grains

This face wash is unlike anything I have tried, and I am obsessed. It is a great cleanser and light exfoliatant. It is made up of assorted clay, herbs, plants, flowers, spices, fruits, and essential oils.  The ingredients are life bringing to the skin! Give it a try.