Favorite Things: June Edition

it is all things summer, and ya'll I couldn't be more excited that it is here (though this no school thing is totally kicking my butt, totally).  Lately life has just been a little crazy... my son is NOT learning to swim at swimming lessons, my daughter is starting solid food (which has totally jacked our schedule), and all these new work projects are totally filling my achiever bucket.  With that said here are a few things that are making me happy and life a tiny bit easier. 

With road trips, airplane flights, and the dreaded no school this is quickly becoming a go to for me. They are like coloring books, but way more cool, without having to keep up with crayons. You just put a little water in the pen and the kids can totally go for it. They are cheap enough that you can hand them to the stewardess to throw away when you are done!

This little thing brings me so much joy! So, if you follow me you know I only use grass fed butter. This only comes in a stick. Why? I only use grass fed butter because it has the highest nutrient value with the lowest toxins. At this phase of my children's development (3 and under) good fat is so important. 

So, what is this thing? It takes stick butter and makes it just like the, full of crap, tub butter... it makes it spreadable. Don't ask me how, I have no idea. You put water in the bowl part and the butter into the cup part. The butter hangs upside down over the water in the fridge and that somehow makes it spreadable. Science it cool. 

Hate washing dishes? Well let me solve that problem for you too.  This brush is super easy to use, and it gets all sudsy with little effort from you. In the bowl portion you put dish soap and water. Then you just push the brush down on it and you are ready to clean. Loving it!

This is an all natural teething oil, that I could swear by. You just put some on your finger and rub on the affected area. I have gotten less fuss and more sleep, for days, out of this product. 

Organic Chix

This is a San Antonio local company that is pretty much taking over my house. I am slowly replacing every cleaning product with something of theirs. These girls know what they are doing! If you want to check them out in person, they are at the Sunday Pearl Farmer's Market and in the San Antonio Natural Grocers. 

No More Bugs DEET-Free Mosquito Repellent

This stuff works, and the ingredient list is so clean I spray it all over my six month old. I never use bug spray because I always feel like I have to shower after, and let's be real I rarely get to shower so why waste it. This stuff isn't oily, and it actually smells nice. 

Germ-Defense Surface Cleaner

This stuff smells fabulous, it makes my home smell fabulous. It has a clove, cinnamon smell. I use it on everything from counters to toys. Again, I don't worry about them putting the toys in their mouth after cleaning because the ingredient list is so clean! 

What are ya'lls favorite things right now?