Coffee & My Health

Caffeine can really impact our health,. How to make your morning cup of coffee healthy.

My Relationship with Coffee

Ya’ll coffee is just a part of me. It symbolizes so much. The start of a new day, the warmth of the sun rising, and energy to wake up. It is more than something I do every day, it is a ritual, a beautiful ritual.

Most days when I am drinking my coffee I think of this verse. Lamentations 2:22-23:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;

   his mercies never come to an end;

They are new every morning;

   great is your faithfulness.

How to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and make it healthy.

Man that verse gets me every time. Every day is a new day. The Lord’s love is new, His mercy is new - every single morning. Is there anything more faithful than that?  Having my cup of coffee every morning, if I can grab some alone time, I think to myself…. He promised me a fresh day, every day.

Coffee is a reset, it is important, it is more than a drink.  I get it.

I think this is why people have such a hard time with giving up, or talking about changing their coffee. It means something different to everyone, but to most everyone it is important. I hear ya. I promise to not take away your cup of coffee.   Let’s just talk about how to make it more healthy for you, how to evaluate our relationship with it, and what it is doing to your body.

Like I said I promise not to take away you cup of coffee.   

How to make your morning cup of coffee healthy for you. #hormones #paleo

Caffeine and Health

First, how much caffeine is actually in things? There is 100 mil of caffeine in one cup of coffee. A grande from Starbucks has 300 mil. A double espresso is 130 mil of caffeine.  Have tea and wondering about that… black tea is 30 mil. and green has 25 mil. Decaf coffee has 25 milligrams of caffeine.

There it is… how much are you having in a day?

Caffeine puts you in a state of stress.

Caffeine stops the switch that controls your body from speeding up.  (In the simplest of terms). There is a hormone in our body that keeps you from going off the rails, and coffee it basically does away with that.

When you drink coffee plenty of things happen in your body, but one is adrenaline is released. Your heart literally begins to race, and your body is told to wake up quickly.  It essentially puts your body into fight or flight mode…. every single morning. And from where I stand you aren’t in a fight every single morning.

Caffeine works against digestion process.

It affects your digestion, can cause heartburn, and is a diuretic. In a world where our digestion is going through the ringer this is one more thing to dehydrate us, make our stomach more acidic, and inflame our system.

The benefit list for caffeine is a short one… antioxidants and can help with migraines. From where I stand that isn’t enough to counteract the stress it puts your body under.

Don’t stop reading, remember what I promised.

You health and how caffeine impacts it. Woman and their hormones and caffeine.

Caffeine and Hormones

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out specifically that it really impacts us, women.  Majority of the reactions our body has when drinking coffee is within our endocrine system, our hormones.

Basically, one of the sacred times for our hormones to rest, recover and rebuild is being totally overhauled.  Coffee is like a runaway train with our hormones and definitely impacts their delicate balance.

Coffee inhibits sleep, which is so important for hormone recovery time.  It also has negative cortisol effects (the stress hormone) and in turn can promote anxiety.

Moms our hormones need reprieve, and caffeine is making this much more difficult to achieve.

coffee and health. How to change your morning coffee to be better for you.

My Journey with Coffee

I have been regularly adjusting my morning cup of coffee for almost a decade. I have completely given it up, had multiple cups a day, made it using all kinds of different mechanisms and have landed in a place I love.

My philosophy on coffee is just…. anything you have every day should be as healthy for you as possible.

Here are my tips on coffee:

  • Look for organic, fair trade coffee. Coffee beans are exposed to pesticides like any other bean you would eat. Additionally, the working conditions on coffee farms are terrible, and looking for fair trade can really help someone in another country thrive.

  • Don’t include sugar. Yap I know you are mad. The combination of sugar and caffeine is a risky one (red bull hello).  It is an even more risky one to be doing every day.

  • Dairy is sugar. I know, I am really rocking your boat. Don’t worry plenty of recommendations on dairy and sugar free creamers are coming your way.

  • Balance out the rush of caffeine with a suitable fat. This is why bulletproof coffee has really taken off. A heavy coconut cream, coconut oil, or grass fed butter are good options.

  • Get it as fresh as you can. Coffee beans and even those stored in pods (Keurig) tend to grow a lot of mold. They are sitting on shelves forever. Look for coffee bags with a roasted date or something local, I promise it will taste better.  Another way to keep it fresh is to store it in the freezer or fridge.

  • Amp it up. You can hide lots of things in coffee because of its bold flavor. See my recipe below for how I do this.

I started evaluating my caffeine intake after I changed my diet, as you can see it was the last thing to go.  I am so glad I did. Now I am at a place where I only drink half caffeinated coffee. I buy it freshly roasted, and store it in my freezer in an airtight container.

Making your morning cup of caffeine and coffee healthy for you hormones mom.

How Much Caffeine is Enough?

If you are feeling like you are taking in to much caffeine, lean into this feeling! Start by eliminating any caffeine you are having in the afternoon and evenings. Then slowly start to cut down on how much you are having in the morning.  Once you are down to one modest sized cup, then you can start throwing some decaf in there.

Do you need to adjust your coffee intakes?

  • Are you struggling with inflammation?  Coffee is a cross reactive food and can contribute to inflammation

  • Are you a high stress person? Coffee may be making this worse.

  • Do you struggle with anxiety? Caffeine is a known to make anxiety worse.

  • Are you able to sleep fall asleep at night?  Are you sleeping hard through the night?

I am a nutritionist and this my recommendation to make your morning cup healthier for you. How to use your coffee to support your hormones and digestion.

How I Take My Coffee


  • 1 scoop sugarcane processed whole bean decaf coffee

  • 1 scoop regular whole bean coffee

  • 2 scoops collagen peptides

  • ¼ cup coconut cream

  • ⅛ tsp turmeric

How to Make it:

  1. I make my coffee in a Chemex. I put 16 ounces of water on the stove in a kettle to warm up.

  2. Scoop coffee and grid it fresh each morning, makes a huge difference. Then put grounds into the chemex filter.

  3. Put coconut cream into a milk steamer.

  4. Pour the hot water over the grounds.

  5. In cup mug put collagen peptides and turmeric.

  6. Pour hot coffee into mug, leave room for cream.

  7. Use a frother to mix and frother peptides.

  8. Add cream. Enjoy!

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