Birth Story: Peyton

When getting ready to give birth I read my fair share of birth stories. I just wanted to see what other moms did and used during labor. In some weird way it helped me feel prepared, as if I could ever be. I thought I would share Peyton’s birth story with you.

All the products I used during labor are on this Pinterest board, with details on how and when I used them.

Peyton is my second baby, and it is so hard not to compare everything about my second pregnancy to my first. Let’s just say they were nothing alike, at all. We made the decision with Peyton not to find out the gender. There were lots of reasons we decided to go ahead and not find out.  The main one for me was I wanted a girl, and I didn’t want to be disappointed. In my head I just figured if I met a little boy I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Not knowing the gender made carrying the baby so different. It was like I couldn’t really picture the baby’s future or meeting it. In some ways it was great, like I couldn’t worry about a lot of things. In other ways it made me feel more distant from Peyton (as if that is possible).

Around 29 weeks I got in a car accident. It was totally awful and scary, but we were all safe and that is all that matters.  I did start having contractions because of the accident. And well, they never really stopped. I had some good contractions, or Braxton hicks, for the final trimester. It was really honestly kinda crazy, they just became such a part of my life.

I also had Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Basically this is your pubic bones separating and becoming unaligned, and yes it is as painful as it sounds. In the days leading up to labor I pretty much couldn’t walk and picking up my toddler was a total joke. So, in a last ditch effort I went to my favorite chiropractor. When I got there he said… you ready to have this baby? I said… yes please, put me in labor.

That night when we got home I kinda just knew it was our last night with just Asher. It was a sweet night with him, he had no idea what was coming.

That night around midnight I woke up to a contraction, which like I said was pretty much the norm. I went to the bathroom and my mucous plug came out. I was like... well huh I better get some sleep. I went back to bed and slept on and off. Around 5:00 I started being able to time the contractions.

I woke up Morgan and said this is it. It was pretty much that movie moment I had always imagined. He was like really….  all excited. Sidebar: men are excited because they don’t to actually have the baby. At this point I am not excited. I know what it is ahead. I am in game time mode.

Morgan and I started doing everything we could to really get my labor going. We went for walks, covered me in Clary Sage essential oil, stretched, and drank raspberry leaf tea. Well nothing really worked. I would have contractions in a series, even as close as two minutes apart. Then nothing for an hour. Soooo frustrating. We had a really nice time though. We had lunch out, and though our waitress could definitely tell I was about to pop she had no idea. We even finally agreed on a name for a girl (I know a little last minute, it is hard people).

Around 4:00 we decided to go into my midwives and see if I was even dilated. They said I was a four, but that I wasn’t in labor. Best advice I have ever been given… “go home and sleep.” So that is what I did. Around 7:00 I woke up and I knew it was go time.

The contractions changed, I don’t know how to describe it. They were like waves now… steady, consistent, predictable.  I really remember enjoying this time with Morgan. We were working together, listening to Ed Sheeran (my favorite). It was kinda like the calm before the storm.  We labored at home till about 10:00, then headed to the hospital. At this point my contractions were about 3 minutes apart for over an hour.

I used a midwifery practice that works under an OBGYN. They work in one specific hospital. It was great for me because we got the medical attention of a hospital, but i never actually interacted with an MD. My husband felt safer with the delivery in a hospital, and I felt open to make my own choices about labor.

We got to triage and they checked me again... I was six. For some reason that number seemed so small to me, but everyone else was excited. I was like I have been having contractions for months now,  can’t we be a little closer to ten. However, I was still managing the pain pretty well. I was drinking tons of electrolyte water and using chapstick like it was my job.

Triage was a disaster for us. Without going into too much detail... there was a woman that was dilated to a ZERO, and demanding a lot of the nurse’s time. So, they couldn't get me checked in up to the hospital room… where I would have been much more comfortable. I was in triage for two hours! The nurse even told this precious momma-to-be...  “do you hear her (talking about me), that is what you will sound like when you are in labor.” I was able to stay calm for a long time listening to this lady at ZERO complain about the pain…etc. BUT when they went to put in my line (IV in case they need it), I think I basically started having a panic attack.

You better believer they got us up to the room real quick after that. From that point on I had a really hard time calming back down in between contractions. I had lost the control of dealing with the “wave” of the contractions. When I got checked in the room I was a 7 - two hours and 1 number. Seriously? So they decided to break my water. Weirdest feeling ever y'all, and man did it hurt.

After this I got in the shower. It did really help with the pain, I was in there for along time. Morgan stood and rubbed my back through every contraction. I can remember feeling like I couldn't do it without him. One time he took his hands off me for a second, and I turned and looked for him in desperation. He said "babe I am not going anywhere."

At this point though I felt like I couldn’t cope with the pain. I was barely making it through each contraction. The pain was unreal, and I started asking for an epidural. The asking started calmly, like I think I want an epidural. This is too much... I can’t do it. Then it became more like find them, and get me an epidural... now. Labor is such a mental game. At this point I was losing. I left the thought of not being able to do it creep in.

My very calm midwife recommended a change of scenery, just to be sure I really wanted an epidural. Let’s just be clear no one, including my sweet husband, had any intention of getting me an epidural. I squatted on the bed on all fours for awhile. Then I knew I was heading into transition. I could really tell with this one that it was starting.

During normal contractions I felt cramping everywhere, during transition it feels like pressure. Like a ton of bricks. They aren’t waves anymore, it just kinda feels like drowning. There is no start and stop to the pain anymore.  They were more painful than anything I could describe to you, and this is my second natural birth. The contractions weren’t on a bell curve, soft to hard to soft again. They were just like a freight train, every time.

They recommended I lay on my side. Honestly, at this point the room is going out and then really coming back very fast. I just did as I was told. Sidebar again: I am still asking for an epidural at this point. I can remember begging my husband.  Thinking to myself make the saddest face you can possibly make.

Then I was ready to push.  They told me I could just stay on my side if I wanted. Moving sounded like maybe the worst thing ever, so I just stayed put. I pushed a few rounds…. And then they said it’s A GIRL.

The shock of having a girl, and coming down from the pain of the labor was probably the craziest thing I will ever experience emotionally. I really could not believe I was a mom to a little girl. She was just perfect laying there on my chest. That moment of meeting a little human you have been building for 10 months, is pretty crazy.

Within five minutes of having her I felt like a million bucks. Was able to walk around, completely full of joy and energy. So there you have it… my sweet little girl was born around 1:45, after about 7 hours of active labor we had her in our arms.

Here is a copy of the birth plan, that we took to the hospital with us. I didn't end up giving it to them because we got up to the room so late. When they asked I just said through a contraction "as granola as possible, without being sent to CPS,,"

All the products I used during labor are on this Pinterest Board, with details on how and when I used them.