All Things Kale

When I first starting eating “healthy” I thought people who ate kale were crazy.... like literally.  It was one of the last greens that I tried, and I really wish I had tried it sooner.  It is hard for me to eat raw in a salad, it is really bitter. Salad was the only way I was seeing it served in restaurants and I never bought it at the store. When I finally tried it cooked I enjoy it much more!


Why is It Good?

There are lots of reasons why kale is so good for you.  This article is pretty detailed.  Here are the highlights.  Kale is high in Vitamin K, A and C.  It helps lower cholesterol… yes it does isn’t nature crazy.  There has been connection to kale and cancer prevention.  It also helps with the detoxification process of the body. I mean it has essential vitamins, lowers cholesterol, detoxes, prevents cancer… I would say it has a pretty good wrap list.

Ways to Eat Kale

  • Throw some in a smoothie
    • You won’t even taste a handful of it. It does take extra blending to get it smooth.
  • Make a kale salad
    • To cut the bitterness of kale add some honey to sweeten it up.
  • Turn kale into chips
    • This is my favorite way to have them. See recipe below.
  • Make a pesto

  • Saute or oven roast with other veggies
  • Try this one on your kids - hide it in popsicles

How to Buy and Store it

Kale is in season during the winter months. It is fresh when the leaves and stocks are very firm. So find the one with the brightest color and firmest leaves. Then store it in a tight bag (ziplock) in the fridge.

My grocery store sells it already cut and washed. This is a total convenience purchase, but super easy to make chips with.

This is lamb's ear kale, it feels just like a lamb's ear... really. Look for it at your grocer and explain that to your kids.

How to Make Kale Chips

There are lots of ways to make kale chips. Here are a few of my favorites.  Steps:

  • Turn the oven on to 350 degrees.  
  • Cover the kale in oil.Since you aren’t roasting on very high heat you can use olive oil, but coconut oil would also work.
  • Season with any of the below.
  • Put onto pan. If you have parchment paper line the pan (it will make the chips more crispy)
  • Bake for 10 minutes


  • Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute
  • Trader Joe’s Everything Seasoning
  • If you have extra bacon grease just cover the kale and add some sea salt
  • You can do spicy chips with cayenne and chili powder
  • Sea Salt and Pepper will do the trick!
  • Soy sauce is also a yummy add
  •  Balsamic vinegar will caramelize nicely

If all else fails just buy them already made – this is my favorite brand!

Other Kale Recipes: