Favorite Things: April

Seasonal allergies are going in full swing... thank you pollen. This has saved my life lately. I rub it in on my kid's chest with coconut oil, and I diffuse it in their bedrooms at night. It smells fabulous!

These are so much fun! I have been using them with my other favorite thing, charcuterie boards! I have also let my little one eat dinner with them a few times, when he is being particularly difficult. 

My daughter has been loving this... so I have been loving it! My four month old daughter is able to hold on to it and get it to her mouth. There are so many teeters out there, but I promise nothing I have tried is as good as this! 

If you follow me on social media you have seen my journey to give up coffee, and matcha has been my saving grace. Matcha is finely ground green tea leaves, which has so many health benefits (some even call it a super food). I make a latte with milk,  creamer, a teaspoon of matcha, an honey. I love it - creamy, rich, and such a clean energy boost. 

Okay so this is the bomb.... in pretty much anything. I have it in my matcha latte, but it is good in coffee and tea too. It has no added sweetener, is dairy free, and very creamy. If you are looking for a way to make your coffee.... well not as bad for you, this is the way. 

Farm to Table Tote

Now that I have kids I find myself needing bags all the time, because I look like I am moving every time I leave the house. I love this one.... for obvious reasons. You can find it at your local Hobby Lobby.