Safer Sunscreen

Summertime is approaching, and in South Texas, our days are heating up quickly. We’ve spent the past two days mostly outside, and it made me realize I need to start packing my sunscreen for fun outings. There’s been quite a bit of buzz in recent years about “safer sunscreen” and what that actually means.

I’ve read and researched what I find to be the best choice for our family. There are now so many - maybe too many options - for any kind of sunscreen. So, let’s dive in and see why we should use safer sunscreen, what ingredients to avoid or look for and which brands are the best to put on your body.

Why Wear Sunscreen

I have to be honest about the fact that sunscreen is not my favorite thing for me personally. I definitely make sure my kiddos have sunscreen on them on those long, hot pool days in the summer, but I personally haven’t put on a full body coating of sunscreen in a long time. The more research I do on sun exposure and sun protection, I’m realizing that sunscreen can be an integral part of sun protection but not the only measure.

Why Safer Sunscreen

This explanation could fill pages and pages, but for the sake of #momlife, let’s keep it simple. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and it absorbs pretty much anything you put on it: perfume, lotion, soap…sunscreen. Some areas of the body absorb more than others - like your armpits. It’s important to pay attention to what your slathering all over your body day after day. We’ll get to what chemicals are in most conventional sunscreens that can contribute to a whole host of issues for your body.

The Environmental Working Group has been working hard to bring us the facts on which sunscreens will be the safest for our bodies. Unfortunately, in their recent reports, more than half of the sunscreens on the market in the United States do not provide adequate sun protection.

Sunscreen Ingredients to Avoid

  • Oxybenzone

  • Octinoxate 

  • Homosalate

  • Octisalate

  • Octocrylene

Sunscreen Ingredients to Look For

Favorite Brands

  • Beautycounter

  • Tubby Todd

  • Badger

    Badger brand sunscreens were my first purchase in the safer sunscreen world. This is a non-nano, broad spectrum mineral sunscreen that would be a great choice for your family. They also offer sun protecting lip

Tips for Using Safer Sunscreen

General Sun Protection

safer sunscreen

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